Continuous High-Frequency Sensors for
Downhole Pressure

CuBIC® PT from Sanvean Technologies is an embedded data recorder to measure downhole pressure. The sensor is designed so that it can be placed at any point of interest in the bottom hole assembly for measurement of annular and internal drill pipe pressures. The recorded data is used for post-run advanced pressure and ECD analysis.

CuBIC PT recorded pressure measurements are ideal for hole cleaning optimization when drilling at high ROP. The post-run data provides a clear understanding of wellbore conditions and hole cleaning efficiency. Drilling parameters and operations for subsequent wells drilled on the pad can be tuned for optimal hole cleaning and reduce the chances of mud losses and stuck pipe.

The ultimate end goal is to drill at an efficient pace to reduce cycle times. Sanvean Technologies specializes in the analysis of high-frequency data. Utilizing CuBIC PT data recorders with our in-house GameChanger software, we can deliver analysis reports and recommendations to improve your drilling performance.


  • Understand wellbore conditions to reduce the risk of mud losses and stuck pipe
  • Develop detailed drilling parameter road maps to deliver consistent performance
  • Measure, evaluate, and validate downhole pressure for MPD applications
  • Pad drilling where the post-run analysis can be used to enhance performance on subsequent wells on the pad


  • Ideal for pad drilling applications where recorded pressure data can be used to optimize the drilling program
  • Can be embedded into carrier subs and existing drilling equipment (including slim hole)
  • Lower operating costs than MWD PWD measurements
  • Can be embedded into existing BHA tools and bits
  • Field-proven to deliver high reliability and survivability
  • Multiple sensors can be deployed to extend logging time in long intervals


Sensor Placement Options:

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