Embedded High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics Sensors

IADD: King of Diamonds Drill Bit Forum, 30 March 2023



Motor Back-drive Dynamics Analysis with CuBIC/PuK

IADC Bit Forensics Presentation (Case Study), 17th November 2021

Downhole Drilling Motor with Real-Time Near-Bit Measurements

Celle Drilling 2021, 14 September 2021, Celle, Germany


Motor-Assist Push-the-Bit Rotary Steerable Systems with Multiple High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics Recorders

Celle Drilling 2019, 10 September 2019, Celle, Germany

A Best Practice for Slide-Rotate Drilling Transitions Reduces BHA Damages and Non-Productive Time

Kevin Morgan, Fracture ID; John Frame, Fracture ID; Junichi Sugiura, Sanvean Technologies; and Steve Jones, Sanvean Technologies

Celle Drilling 2019, 10 September 2019, Celle, Germany

Embedded Drilling Dynamics Sensors and Automated Data Processing

IADD Drill Bit Solutions Forum, 20 May 2019, Houston, Texas USA


TDI/SDI Mud Motors with Sanvean's Embedded Sensors

IADD Annual Technology Forum (Mud Motors). 1-2 Nov 2018, Houston, Texas USA

Rotary Steerable Scout (RSS)

IADD Extended Luncheon Series (Rotary Steerables), 25 Oct 2018, Houston, Texas, USA

Embedded Drilling Dynamics Sensors & Performance Drilling Roadmap Presentation

IADD Optimizing Performance by Matching Bits and Mud Motors Mini Forum, 7 Aug 2019, Houston, Texas, USA


Field Test Result With A Stick-Slip Reduction Tool

Celle Drilling 2017, 12 September 2019, Celle, Germany

Accelerate the Learning Curve with Downhole Dynamics Measurements

IADD Topical Forum (10K + ERD Wells). 15-16 Feb 2017, Houston, Texas USA


Field Test Result of An Instrumented Axial Oscillation Tool with Multiple Vibration Sensors in One Drill String

Celle Drilling 2016, 12-13 September 2016, Celle, Germany


Future (Mud Motor) Developments....a Peek into the Future

IADD Technology Forum Series (Mud Motors), November 2015, Houston, Texas USA