GameChanger GameChanger

Downhole Data Analysis

GameChanger is a software platform specifically designed by Sanvean Technologies for merging and displaying downhole drilling dynamics data and surface EDR data. This gives in-house processors the ability to quickly merge files into a format required by the client. Once a dataset is compiled, the client can easily open using GameChanger viewer to quickly view and analyze the data. And template designs can be customized to client specifics, or data can be easily generated into a standard template which can be processed quickly to improve data delivery time.

GameChanger Viewer is available to customers who run CuBIC® Drilling Dynamics Sensors. The software enhances the customers’ experience by providing a fast viewing experience. Unlike traditional PDF logs, the GameChanger Viewer allows the operator to zoom in on regions of interest to clearly see signal patterns and sensor response.


  • Track and trace format tailored specifically to customer requirements
  • Data can be viewed in time- or depth-based
  • Overlay multiple wells or pads on depth for performance comparisons
  • Vibration and gyro frequency spectrum to identify critical frequencies
  • Zoom in on depth, time, and parameter scales to analyze signal response


  • CuBIC data delivered as one file set that can be opened and viewed quickly in GameChanger viewer
  • CuBIC end user does not waste time merging data— final product is ready for use
  • Can be used for evaluation of drilling dynamics performance, and tool failures
  • Generates single page Exception Reports for “quick look” at run drilling statistics
  • Generates PDF logs highlighting regions of drilling dynamics concerns
  • Enables rapid drilling dynamics data review and analysis for quick decisions