High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics and Pressure Sensors

CuBIC® high-frequency drilling dynamics and pressure sensors from Sanvean Technologies are innovative, rugged, small/compact sensors that can be embedded at any point within the BHA to provide shock, vibration, RPM, pressure, and temperature.

With multiple wells now being drilled from one pad, and multiple pads in close proximity, the data gathered from CuBIC® embedded sensors can be used for optimizing drilling parameters, hydraulics, BHAs, and bits. Merged downhole and surface measurements enhance the post-run decision-making process by giving an actual account of downhole drilling conditions (these down-hole drilling dynamic and pressure conditions cannot be precisely evaluated and quantified from surface measurements only).

The high-frequency continuous data provides critical information that cannot be seen from MWD, RSS or EDR data. This information can lead to the generation of precise drilling road maps and rig operation/automation optimization allowing for consistent and repeatable results.

The sensors are available in the following options: