Rotary Steerable Drilling Dynamics and Associated BHA Changes

SPE-212467-MS, March 2023

Rotary Steerable Drilling Dynamics and Associated BHA Changes to Improve Overall BHA Performance and Reliability

Transforming Vertical Scout to Rotary Steerable Scout

SPE-213707-MS, February 2023

Transforming A Mechanical Vertical Drilling Tool into a Digitally Controlled Rotary Steerable Tool - The Journey of Design, Development, Testing, and Commercialization

Pseudo Gamma Measurements with Intelli-Scout Mud Motor

SPE-213650-MS, February 2023

The Industry's First Real-Time Pseudo Gamma Measurements From An Instrumented Steerable Motor Using High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics Sensors


A Systematic Photo Documentation of Drill Bit Forensics Applied to Motor Back-drive Dynamics Case

SPE-210466-MS, October 2022

A Systematic Photo Documentation of Drill Bit Forensics Applied to Motor Back-drive Dynamics Case Caused by Auto-driller Dysfunction and Formation Effect

Interpretation of Surface and Downhole Data to Support Drilling Forensics

SPE-210243-MS, October 2022

IADC Code Upgrade: Interpretation Of Surface And Downhole Data To Support Drilling Forensics

Bit and BHA Forensics using Rig-Based Photographic Documentation Practices

SPE-208707-MS, March 2022

IADC Code Upgrade: Bit and BHA Forensics Using Rig-Based Photographic Documentation Practices

Data Collection and Workflow Required to Conduct Bit Forensics

SPE-208712-MS, March 2022

IADC Code Upgrade: Data Collection and Workflow Required to Conduct Bit Forensics and Create Effective Changes in Practices or Design


Drilling Optimization of Unconventional Geothermal Well Drilling

SPE-205965-MS, September 2021

Oil and Gas Drilling Optimization Technologies Applied Successfully to Unconventional Geothermal Well Drilling

Compound-Angle Motor (CAM Scout) – A New-Generation Motor

SPE-205999-MS, September 2021

A New Generation Of Steerable Drilling Motor Is Born - Understand The
Unique Geometry, Drilling Benefits And Performance Gains

Motor Back-drive Dynamics with HF CuBIC & PuK

SPE-204032-PA, March 2021

Measurement of Mud Motor Back-drive Dynamics, Associated Risks and Benefits of Real-time Detection and Mitigation Measures


Surface Drilling Dynamics High-Frequency Measurements

SPE-202859-MS, November 2020

Analysis of Surface and Downhole Drilling Dynamics High-Frequency Measurements Enhances the Prediction of Downhole Drilling Dysfunctions and Improves Drilling Efficiency

Instrumented Downhole Drilling Motor

SPE-201551-MS, October 2020

A Step Change in Real-time Near-bit Measurements from an Instrumented Downhole Drilling Motor Improves Directional Drilling Accuracy and Geo-steering Capability

High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics Sensors


Simulation and Measurement of High-Frequency Torsional Oscillation HFTO/High-Frequency Axial Oscillation HFAO and Downhole HFTO Mitigation: Knowledge Gains Continue by Using Embedded High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics Sensors

Real-Time Drilling Advisory Roadmap System


Real-Time Drilling Advisory Roadmap System Delivers Superior Performance When Used in Conjunction with Downhole Embedded Drilling Dynamics Sensors




A Drill Bit and a Drilling Motor With Embedded High-Frequency (1600 Hz) Drilling Dynamics Sensors Provide New Insights Into Challenging Downhole Drilling Conditions

Rotary Steerable Scout and HF CuBIC & PuK


High-Frequency Torsional Oscillation Study with a Motor-Assist Push-the-Bit Rotary-Steerable System and Multiple High-Frequency (800Hz) Drilling Dynamics Recorders in North America Land


Rotary Steerable Scout


A New Rotary Steerable System Designed for Vertical and Nudge Applications in North America Pad Development Drilling




Drilling Dynamics Data Recorders Now Cost-Effective for Every Operator- Compact Embedded Sensors in Bit and BHA Capture Small Data to Make the Right Decisions Fast

Coring with CuBIC & PuK

Recorded Dynamics Measurements While Coring Enhances Performance and Recovery

Steady Scout with CuBIC & PuK


Stick-Slip and Torsional Oscillation Control in Challenging Formations – A New Solution to an Old Problem

Motor with CuBIC & PuK


Proven Mud Motor Technology Upgraded for the Digital Age – A Mud Motor with Embedded Sensors Provides Cost-Effective Drilling Dynamics Measurements at Bit Box and Stator Top Sub


Vertical Scout


Fully Mechanical Vertical Drilling System Delivers RSS Performance in Vertical Drilling Applications While Providing an Economical Alternative to Conventional Rotary Steerable Systems Set-Up for Vertical Hold Mode

Vibe Scout


A New Friction Reduction Tool with Axial Oscillation Increases Drilling Performance: Field-Testing with Multiple Vibration Sensors in One Drill String

Steady Scout


A New Steady Weight-on-Bit Tool Reduces Torque and RPM Variations and Enhances Drilling Efficiency and Bit/BHA Life

Gear-Reduced Turbine


A Gear-Reduced Drilling Turbine Provides Game-Changing Results: An Alternative to Downhole Positive Displacement Motor