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High-Frequency Drilling Dynamics Recorder

CuBIC HF from Sanvean Technologies is a compact high-frequency drilling dynamics data recorder designed to be embedded into existing drill bits and drilling tools. With two form factors available, CuBIC (cigar shape) and PuK(hockey-puck shape), the sensor can easily be placed at the “points of interest” within the BHA to record drilling dynamics data for actionable drilling decisions.

Continuous high-frequency three-axis shock (±200G at 800Hz to 1600Hz) and gyro-based RPM (±330 RPM at 100Hz to 1000Hz) provide a magnified view of the “real” dynamics present at the drill bit and BHA. Two sensor placements (per BHA) deliver the ultimate drilling dynamics data solution, with one placed in the drill bit shank (or centerline) and the other placed above the power section of the drilling motor, effectively providing a “downhole dynamometer” to help evaluate bit and motor performance.

The latest generation CuBIC HF is the culmination of over six years of development. With deployment in some of the harshest drilling environments in North America, high-reliability and high-data-recovery rates are standard deliverables for the CuBIC product line.


  • Development of detailed drilling parameter roadmaps using multi-well comparative analysis
  • Reducing bit trips and tool failures by understanding dynamics-based wear and damage
  • Improvement of transitional operations (rotate-slide-rotate, back to bottom and coming off bottom)
  • Tuning automated drilling rigs for optimized downhole performance


  • High-frequency continuous three-axis shock and gyro-based RPM
  • Compact and reliable design
  • Can be embedded into existing drill bits and drilling equipment
  • Easy data merge with surface EDR utilizing Sanvean GameChanger Viewer software


  • No additional BHA length or BHA connections when embedded into existing drilling equipment
  • No field personnel required (logging commences with string rotation)
  • Compatible with slim-hole drill bits
  • Both shank and centerline placement available for drill bits

Download CuBIC® HF Flyer