Sanvean Drilling Advisory Systems

The Sanvean Drilling Advisory System has been designed to be used in conjunction with CuBIC® drilling dynamics sensors and GameChanger data analysis software. CuBIC sensors are embedded into the BHA and drill bit to capture detailed downhole drilling dynamics data. Post-run the data from the sensors is downloaded and merged with surface EDR data using GameChanger software. As more wells are drilled, GameChanger software allows downhole and surface data to be overlaid and analyzed to evaluate drilling and operational efficiencies. This is the beginning of a detailed drilling parameter roadmap.

Over time the data uncovers regions open for performance and efficiency gains. Systematic changes to BHAs, bits and drilling parameters (formation specific) reel in the top-level performance gains and over time smaller marginal gains are realized. This is the advanced drilling parameter roadmap.

The Sanvean Drilling Advisory System is used to enhance the road mapping process. The system provides an elegant view of current and past drilling parameters (from surface and downhole) as well as a window of advised parameters to be used while drilling at the current depth and in the current formation. Following the advisory system closely allows the operator to get all components of the drilling process dialed in well after well for repeatable efficient performance.

The Sanvean Drilling Advisory System in combination with CuBIC Drilling Dynamics sensors and GameChanger software provide an engineered package designed to save drilling costs associated with well construction.

The current well (being drilled) and two offset wells can be displayed on SANDAS. EDR and downhole data from the offset wells are displayed as shadow traces for comparison against the current well being drilled. A unique feature of SANDAS is that offset downhole drilling dynamics data can be displayed as a look-ahead of the current well bit depth. Typically 100 feet look-ahead on offset data is used to pre-warn the user of upcoming drilling conditions.

A simple color display methodology is used (green, amber and red) to allow the operator to identify parameters that are out-with recommended roadmap tolerance windows.

Using SANDAS for roadmap parameter recommendations along with display of surface and downhole sensor trace signals gives the operator a better understanding of current and offset sensor signatures and dysfunctions.

SANDAS has been engineered as a cost-effective alternative for land-based drilling applications.