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In partnership with Turbo Drill Industries, Sanvean Technologies has redefined the approach of rotary steerable design and construction. Rotary Steerable Scout is an advancement of Scout Downhole’s Vertical Scout, the only commercially proven mechanical vertical drilling tool in the oil and gas industry. A cost-effective tool with high reliability and over 4 million feet drilled globally, the mechanical Vertical Scout was an ideal platform to change the economics of rotary steerable drilling for land-based operations.

Rotary Steerable Scout is a digitally controlled, mud-operated, push-the-bit system capable of drilling vertical, nudge, tangent, and lateral wellbores. Providing full steering control while rotating, the system is designed to deliver high-quality wellbores.

High reliability, consistent directional performance, on-bottom downlinks, inclination, and azimuth hold modes combined with high rates of penetration is the standard for the Rotary Steerable Scout. Bringing all these components together at a competitive operating, service, and lost-in-hole rate, Rotary Steerable Scout is ready to change the economics of rotary steerable drilling in North America land.

Rotary Steerable Scout is currently in the advanced development stage and has successfully drilled wells in West Texas, North Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. The system is available for deployment in 12 ¼”, 8 ½” and 8 ¾” hole sizes.


• On-bottom downlink communication with real-time downhole and surface confirmation
• Slow-rotating steering housing for improved bit stability and longer bit life
• Hold inclination and azimuth
• Embedded high-frequency drilling dynamics sensors


• Accurate directional control with continuous drill string rotation
• Improved well delivery time and cost
• Lower LIH cost compared to other RSS
• Can be run with Scout Downhole’s Steady Torque (HFTO Isolation tool)

For more information, contact Steve Jones at Sanvean Technologies - 713-569-2187.

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