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Experience a New Level of Rotary Steerable Quality and Service

Rotary Steerable Scout from Sanvean Technologies was engineered specifically for North America land directional drilling operations. Rotary Steerable Scout has proven itself in all major basins in North America land, delivering predictable steering, high reliability, and competitive operating rates.

The initial focus of the tool offering was to improve drilling performance and reduce cycle times in 12-1/4" intermediate sections. Our objective now is to improve operational economics by eliminating slide drilling, improving ROP, reducing the number of trips, and providing a quality intermediate wellbore with minimal doglegs.

We have a team of experienced RSS service technicians, planning coordinators, field personnel, and post-run evaluation analysts who ensure every aspect of your project is catered to with great attention to detail. Pre-job planning for our optimal BHA design and drilling parameter road mapping are all part of the service we offer to deliver a differentiated RSS experience. 


  • Push-the-bit system capable of drilling vertical, nudge, and tangent well profiles
  • Closed-loop inclination and azimuth control
  • Rotary down-link with surface verification
  • Embedded with high-frequency drilling dynamics measurements


  • In-house engineering, manufacturing, and sustaining to ensure high reliability of all mechanical and electronic components
  • Continuous performance improvements for consistent execution of well objectives
  • Detailed parameter road mapping utilizing high-frequency drilling dynamics sensors
  • Comprehensive post-well performance analysis

Rotary Steerable Scout® is available through Scout Downhole, our rental division, and from Scout Drilling Technologies, our full-service directional drilling division.

Download Rotary Steerable Scout Flyer