Drilling Dynamics Sensors

In 2016 Sanvean commercialized CuBIC®, the first compact drilling dynamics data recorder that can be embedded into the bit box and top sub of a downhole drilling motor (patent pending). CuBIC embedded sensors add no additional length or connections. They provide critical post-run drilling dynamics data for performance evaluation and mechanical failure analysis. CuBIC sensors are also used to track shock, vibration and torsional-oscillation levels that are accumulated throughout the life of the drilling motor, providing the industry's first Condition-Based Monitoring (CBM) for downhole drilling motors.

CuBIC sensors are now embedded into all types of drilling products such as rotary steerable tools, vertical drilling tools, friction-reduction tools, stick-slip mitigation tools, coring equipment, and drill bits. The sensors can also be run in carrier subs for placement anywhere in the BHA or drill string.

Click here for: CuBIC® 3G - Drilling Dynamics Data Recorder Click here for: CuBIC® HF - Measures High-Frequency Torsional Oscillation