Intelli-Scout Intelli-Scout

Real-Time Mud-Motor Technology

Industry's First Intelligent Motor Providing Real-Time Measurements Embedded Into the Power Section of the Drilling Motor

In partnership with Turbo Drill Industries, Sanvean Technologies is in the advanced stages of field testing real-time measurements embedded into Scout Downhole drilling motors. Intelli-Scout has been constructed based on the experience gained from CuBIC embedded drilling dynamics sensors over the past 6 years. Near-bit inclination, at-bit pseudo gamma, and power-unit drilling-dynamics measurements are transmitted in real-time from the drilling motor.

The sensors and real-time transmission technology have been designed to be embedded into existing drilling motors. With the sensors and real-time transmission components mounted center-line in the rotor and rotor catch, the technology is a significant differentiator compared to smart motors from the past. The real-time drilling-motor measurements provide sensor placement closer to the bit compared to traditional MWD measurements. The real-time near-bit measurements provide critical information that can be used for well placement, geo-steering, drill-bit drilling dynamics, and mud-motor power-section RPM output (essentially a real-time downhole dynamometer).

Intelli-Scout can also be used with RSS BHAs and eliminates the need for placing the MWD below the drilling motor. The MWD can be positioned above the Intelli-Scout motor, utilizing real-time near-bit inclination and onboard rotary downlink recognition. This delivers a lower-risk and lower-cost solution compared to running MWD and HFTO isolation tools all below the drilling motor.

Intelli-Scout is currently compatible with Scout MWD, Gordon MWD, and any Tensor-based MWD system.

Please contact Steve Jones at 713-569-2187 for more information.