Intelli-Scout Intelli-Scout

Real-Time Mud-Motor Technology

In partnership with Turbo Drill Industries, Sanvean Technologies can now deliver real-time drilling dynamics(3-axis Shock, RPM, and Temperature), near-bit inclination, and pseudo gamma measurements from Turbo Scout drilling motors. The Intelli-Scout motor has been designed and developed utilizing proven Turbo Drill Industries mud motor technology along with Sanvean Technologies high-frequency sensors.

Intelli-Scout delivers real-time data from the motor that was previously only available in memory. The data is transmitted in real-time to MWD via a short-hop communication system. This allows drilling parameter decisions to be made while drilling based on drill bit dynamics and enables geo-steering through near-bit inclination and pseudo-gamma measurements.

Intelli-Scout is available through our directional drilling services division, Scout Drilling Technologies, and our rental services division, Scout Downhole. Intelli-Scout is suitable for oil and gas, and geothermal drilling applications.

Intelli-Scout Measurements

Intelli-Scout Real-Time Display

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